Toxic cleaners. It doesn’t matter whether they are sprayed, poured, dumped, washed or rinsed. These toxic components can cause cancer and have a negative effect on the environment. When we are exposed to chemical cleaning products, it increases our risk of developing allergies, contributes to the development of cancer, and reduces our immunity. With all of these potential health risks facing us, it's no wonder that we are all searching for healthier alternatives Carpet cleaning involves the use of these toxic cleaners because these cleaners can easily remove carpet stains. The more effective they are the more toxic they can be. So if you love mother earth, you can always find ways to clean our carpet the organic way.

Steam Clean

There are carpet cleaning services that offers an alternative way of cleaning carpets which is the organic way. One of them is Organic Choice Carpet Cleaning. It is known as a Green Business for their environmental awareness in doing their business. There is also Pure Organic Cleaning. They promote healthy lifestyle and being 100% organic.

In case you want to do your own cleaning, there are lots of carpet cleaners that are biodegradable and non toxic. These two are the ones that we should find in the carpet cleaner container. They are less harmful to both our body and the environment. We can also consider the packaging which must be made of recycled materials. But if it gets hard for you to find a carpet cleaner which has the abovementioned characteristics, you can make your own organic cleaner. It’s easy and you can make sure that you are doing your part for Mother Earth’s cause.

Homemade rug shampoo recipes are easy enough to find, but many of them call for adding chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, a decidedly non-organic product. So, to help you avoid the time and energy looking for even the most basic organic rug shampoo recipes, below are few recipes you can try out to see which one works best to clean your rugs. Here are two recipes that Love To Know Organic can give us:

For stubborn spots, mix the following recipe in a spray bottle:

• 1/4 of a cup ammonia (an organic radical compound)

• 1/8 of a cup vinegar

• One tablespoon baking soda

• One quart water

Mix these ingredients thoroughly in a spray bottle. Spray the stain and begin working it out with a brush. Blot as you go until the entire stain is gone. If the smell of ammonia and vinegar linger after you've removed the stain, simply sprinkle a little salt over the spot and let it sit for an hour, then vacuum it up.

Here's another organic shampoo recipe for stains:

• 1/4 of a cup borax

• Two cups of cold water

Mix thoroughly in a spray bottle for small stains or in your carpet shampooer tank for larger stains. Allow the carpets to dry and then rinse the carpet with your carpet shampooer using cold water.

It doesn’t really matter whether we have our carpet cleaned by a pro or we find our own brand of carpet cleaner. What matters is we find ways to be one with Mother Earth. 

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